The Divine Power is of  

unconditional love, peace, truth, joy ~

there to be ‘tapped’ by asking ~ in prayer ~ in faith.


The Self Realization Sevalight Centre

Self Realization Sevalight Centre

for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling

Self Realization Sevalight Centre for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling

Prayer & Sending Light

The healing energy of Winged Prayer

Healing energy is everywhere and is readily available for the asking, for in the asking for help from the Infinite Power we receive more fully. Healing helps all conditions of the body, mind and spirit and can help to alleviate suffering. Anyone can be a part of the sending of Winged Prayer which is a beautiful way to be a part of bringing more love and light to others and the world. 

In Winged Prayer we lift up in thought not only individuals but all of life that is in need and ask that all may receive according to their needs. The Will be done. It is there for all in need ~ a prayer of Healing, help and comfort to be received at any time. Many have found great benefit in mind, body and spirit from linking in with Winged Prayer; sitting in the quiet and asking to receive ~ and the act of giving and receiving Winged Prayer helps us to connect more deeply with the Divine Healing Power that is there for us all.

How it Works

Winged Prayer is sent by Lightworkers during Pure Meditation around the world at 9 pm every evening so all who choose can receive and take part in praying for individuals as well as the world in need.

All are welcome to join with others the Pure Meditation Evenings at Self Realization Sevalight Centres, Affiliate Centres and many other venues around the world where Winged Prayer is sent.

We also hold monthly worldwide Winged Prayer Gatherings online. Please visit our calendar for dates/times and the Zoom link.

Prayer can move mountains

prayer is all powerful.

by praying you are

calling humbly on the Divine Energy to help you.

Heartfelt prayer can move all obstacles, change people.

it is the most powerful source

and as such you should use it with love

and respect at all times.


How to Connect with Winged Prayer

To request that Winged Prayer be sent to you or your loved ones, please visit

Self Realization Sevalight Centre Canada
winged prayer

“When we speak from the heart, with concentration on a prayer, we are truly heard, and I know from my experiences in my life time that when prayers are heard, if the answer is needed it is received.”