If only every person would & could

love enough,

to be able to understand and take each Soul at the level that they are ~ think what a wonderful world this would be.


The Self Realization Sevalight Centre

Self Realization Sevalight Centre

for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling

Self Realization Sevalight Centre for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling

About Live-in Seva Volunteering

Contribute to the non-profit Self Realization Sevalight Centre

Seva is a wonderful opportunity to give unconditionally, to learn, and to be a part of a Spiritual Family who aim to give their labours to the Infinite Source. We know many receive so much when they give in this way, and we appreciate the help greatly as the Centre is here to serve all. The learning and growing potential with Seva volunteering is vast ~ one can grow as much as they are willing to during their stay at the Self Realization Sevalight Centre on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada.

Share in the spiritual work

At the Self Realization Sevalight Centre

There is a whole range of work that needs your help: cooking, cleaning, gardening, maintenance – no two days are the same. Come for a few hours, days or weeks. There are many blessings to be received doing this work – you get so much from giving. 

be a part of our spiritual family

Accommodation and meals are provided and there is some time during the day for meditation, rest and walks.

Volunteer accommodation is comfortable and clean in either our main house or in one of the cabins (volunteers will share a bathroom with other guests). We have space for personal yoga practice and at times, volunteer helpers can join in our Hatha Yoga classes if available. The Centre provides nutritious home-cooked plant based meals and we are able to accommodate other dietary needs or allergies. As a Spiritual Retreat Centre, and for the benefit of all, we have guidelines that we ask our volunteers and visitors to follow to ensure a peaceful and relaxing environment. Please review before your stay at the Centre.

Live-in Seva Volunteer Application Form

We so appreciate any help you can give ~ please complete the application form below, or contact us if you would like to help in this way, and we will send you more information about our volunteer program.

Self Realization Sevalight Centre for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling

Sample Seva Day Schedule:


8:00 am

gather together for Prayer and Blessing on the Day


8:30 am

held in the silence


9AM - 12:30 pm

tasks with a 30 minute break


12:45 -1:00 pm

in the Dharma Meditation Room


1:00 pm

held in the silence


2:30 - 6:00 pm

tasks with a 30 minute break


6:00 pm

all clear up after dinner

One of the many beautiful aspects of residential Seva volunteering is learning about the commitment of spiritual living. In exchange for volunteering throughout the day (see above schedule), we provide volunteers with meals and accommodation for the duration of their volunteer stay. Sundays are silent retreat days whenever there is not a weekend event or course running, and as such, duties are kept to a minimum on these days. We also keep the quiet after meditation in the evenings and also in the mornings until 8 am, whenever possible, for the benefit of all.

Because Meditation is such a vital part of spiritual community, we also ask that helpers Meditate with us, whenever possible. Meditation times are 6 am and 8 pm daily, the only exception being Sunday evenings, which is at 7 pm.

Self Realization Sevalight Centre Canada

Seva means

"loving service"

Residential Seva is a commitment, and it may be quite different than wwoofing or other residential volunteering experiences.

Please feel free to ask any specific questions that you may have, as we would like you to have the best experience possible during your stay.