Your Journey of Discovery


Your Journey of Discovery

Do you love an adventure? Do you love to travel? Do you love the idea of travelling on a great journey? Would you like to solve your own mystery?

You will need great Desire, enormous patience and tremendous Devotion. You will be sent on an intensive five-day training course where the door will be opened for you. There will be great knowledge and wisdom imparted. Through discipline and commitment you will master essential skills necessary for your journey. There will be practical tools to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

You may feel you know already something about this, that you have learnt from many books and teachers, you may be right, you may be already onto something.

However, you will now have the opportunity to work as a team ~ you can now embrace the help of a Guru. They will have great knowledge, which will be imparted to you if you choose to trust and go with them. They will reflect back to you critical information at any given time to help you solve each step. That is if you desire, otherwise they will step aside. Trust this person with all your heart, allow it to be opened. Have Faith, that all will happen for a reason. You may need to learn lessons along the way. Your mind will be opened, and opened and opened….

By embracing your journey, you will find it is the most beautiful journey you have ever known. Like all mysteries there will be joyful opportunities for self-discovery.

You may investigate the past, ponder on the future, but take special note of the here and now – there will be something there to look carefully at.

There will be challenges for sure, red herrings to throw you off the scent, great obstacles to overcome. You will need to recognise and let go of your ego and pride, as this will often present itself as your greatest ally only to turn out as a double agent.

Be patient with yourself, let go of wanting and pushing. Your heart may open only to spring shut again. Allow it to open.

As you delve into your mystery, like a sleuth with a magnifying glass, you will need courage and strength to peel back the onion skins around your true self, layer by layer, learning more about yourself in the process. You may reflect on those events in your life that have troubled your conscience, there will be things to learn and to let go of.

Once your restoration is underway, spring cleaning will be in hand, sorting and sifting through every room of your life. You will need to be loving to yourself. You will need to open the shutters of each room one at a time, letting in the light and fresh air, clearing out the clutter and seeing your life with a fresh eye. You will never be alone.

Enjoy your journey, allowing joy, peace and unconditional love to unfold within you. There is nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.