The Power of Animal Healing


The Power of Animal Healing

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying some quiet time in our meditation room at the Centre when I heard a very loud bang against the window. As I got up, I saw feathers floating through the air. A beautiful orange and gold thrush had flown at full speed, into the window. The little bird fluttered its wings feebly in an attempt to right itself on the ground. My initial thought was, ‘this bird is not going to make it’. Seeing the bundle of feathers in distress, I offered up a prayer asking what I could do to help and felt to go to the struggling bird’s aid. As I approached, I moved slowly and spoke to it in a soothing voice as to not further stress the already anxious bird. As soon as I put my hands on either side of its tiny body, I felt a surge, as if warm and tingly energy was being drawn from them. The beautiful thrush stood still, drinking in the loving healing energy flowing through me. At one point a robin flew to a nearby branch and watched. It was as though it was sensing what was taking place and had come to offer support and link in with the love. After 10 minutes or so, I felt the bird had received all that it needed and left to give it space to rest and settle. Not long after when I went to check on it, the lovely thrush flew from the ground to a tree and rested further before finally flying off.

This experience further confirmed what I have always known to be true – that all of life is connected, and if we open our hearts and allow love to flow through us, miracles do happen. We have a responsibility to animals to help them in times of need. In this instance, the bird had received a severe shock, and I was fortunate enough to be there to help. Most animals are open to receiving healing and seem to recognize the loving energy straight away. As their capacity to analyse and think is not the same as humans, they do not let their heads get in the way like we can; they just feel it. When you think of it, a mother offers this loving healing to her child who has fallen and banged a knee; she will pat and soothe the area and nurture the child, alleviating the pain and suffering. The same could be said about healing – it is bringing through a loving energy from, some would say, a Higher Source, to the animal, plant, or person in need. It is a very natural for us to give and receive this loving energy. Have you ever received a heartfelt smile from someone only to feel lighter and uplifted afterwards? Healing takes many forms and we all have the capacity to give and receive this love.

A professional healer, who has trained in this ancient art and science, can tune into the natural energy and transmit healing energy to the animal with gentle touch or hands slightly above the animal’s body. This can help to balance energy throughout the body, stimulate the immune system, repairs tissue, revitalize an exhausted animal, calm distress, ease pain, and give an animal a greater sense of well-being. In a way, healing is like jump-starting a car; it gives the animal’s whole being a boost of energy and stimulates self-healing. Healing can help to relax an animal and this is usually evident after the first session. Among the many benefits, healing can often help animals to settle in to their new home or environment more easily.

Domestic animals in particular benefit greatly from healing. Like most animals, they are highly sensitive to energy and many dog owners have witnessed a frightened dog hiding under the table only to then find a storm is coming. It is this sensitivity that helps protect them in the face of danger (think living in nature and the need to ward off predators) but can also be so debilitating for them. Animals act like sponges and soak up the energies around them which can lead to illness or mental disturbances. For instance, if the owner is going through a particularly challenging time and feeling stressed, their animal may exhibit behaviour not usual to its personality. The animal may be needier, or may develop a physical problem that could be linked to what is happening around them. As with humans, animals are finely tuned; even the slightest change can upset the balance. Healing can help balance the animal’s energies and bring about greater wholeness. Bringing an animal for healing can also help the owner to better connect to their animal and get a deeper sense on what is happening within and around them. This heightened awareness then makes it possible for the owner to really help the animal in a more meaningful way.

Healing is effective for almost any illness and is a holistic therapy. Often, veterinarians will refer their animal patients to healers as they are aware of the profound effect it has on them. Before and after surgery, skin conditions, arthritis, cancer and other diseases, pain relief, digestive problems, behavioural and psychological problems, trauma such as past abuse and neglect and are all types of conditions/situations that are commonly treated. Many owners who have brought their animals for healing, and who have witnessed the benefits, have come themselves to receive healing or have gone on to learn, over a weekend course, how to give healing to animals themselves.

Many of us are blessed to share our lives with animals, and we receive so much from their unconditional love and devotion. By learning to tune into the healing energy ourselves, through meditation or sitting quietly in the peace, we will not only be more loving to our animal companions, but to ourselves and all of life.

Weekend Courses in Animal Healing are offered at the Self Realization Sevalight Centre’s Worldwide. People can also bring their animals to the Centre to receive healing during our weekly clinic hours. Please contact us for more information.