About The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres were founded by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma and her husband Peter Sevananda to serve the needs of people of all races, backgrounds, beliefs, and for all levels of need.

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

The focus is on providing teaching, nurturing, the clearing of emotions and balancing of mind, body and spirit for all who are seeking peace, harmony, health and progress. All of the Centres are run by qualified teachers, Healers and Counsellors, living and working together as a spiritual family with the guidance of Mata Yogananda’s experience, love and wisdom.

The Mother Centre, a 17th Century house and surrounding buildings, is in Somerset, UK. The spacious grounds include Meditation Rooms, a therapy pool and garden for quiet reflection and relaxation. Courses and retreats are held throughout the year with self-catering cottages, and retreat chalets also available.

Please click here to see a video About the Mother Centre, Pure Meditation, The Self Realization Pathway, Healing, Progressive Counselling & Coaching and Retreats.

We are looking for a person or couple to join the Centre’s family. The Centre is set in two acres of beautiful gardens in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast.  We offer educational courses and workshops for people of all walks of life and beliefs.  The work is joyfully varied with opportunities to share in the running of the Centre: from PR, attending exhibitions, gardening and cooking (we are vegetarians and are open minded).  We practice Pure Meditation as a tool to further our peace and wisdom and have acceptance of other people’s meditations.   There is no hierarchy and each person is responsible for themselves, their jobs and actions.  There is a Guru (wise soul) to seek advice from, if you wish to do so.  We pray, plan and work together.

If this is something that interests you, please do contact us

Situated on the Sunshine Coast near Vancouver, BC

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre is a peaceful retreat for all to reflect, contemplate, recharge and find support and nurturing.  Comfortable accommodation and home cooked vegetarian food are provided and special diets can be catered for.  There is a meditation room, healing room and comfortable sitting rooms with wood stove in the winter and peaceful gardens to rest in during the spring summer months.

The Village of Halfmoon Bay is a short walk away and offers a historic General store and bakery and dock with views to Vancouver Island.  There are many hiking and biking trails to the ocean, lake and through the forest from the Centre’s doorstep.

There is something here for everyone:

Pure Meditation Foundation – Taught one-to-one and in small groups, this one and a half hour course provides you with scientific tools to help you to begin to find the peace and stillness within, helping with stress and concentration. A complete course in it’s own right, it is also a good foundation for the Pure Meditation course.

Pure Meditation A beautiful five day course that is both spiritually in-depth and practical for the modern day. This includes the Raja & kriya yogas and advanced scientific tools offering you all you need to find true happiness and peace in life. Helps you to access your inner wisdom, joy, peace, love and creativity.

Pure Meditation Evenings – Please come and join us Fridays at 8:00 pm for chanting and Pure Meditation; 7:15 pm Sundays for a Spiritual Talk and Pure Meditation and every other evening 8:00 pm with Winged Prayer, healing for all in need, at 9 pm every night.  Please come and stay as long as you wish; all are very welcome.

Natural Spiritual Healing & Progressive Counselling help you to understand yourself at a greater depth and empower you to move forward in the way that is right for you.  Individual appointments can be made at our clinic at the Centre.

Retreats & Staying at the CentreIn these current times we need a place more than ever to retreat and replenish our energies and our spirit.   Times of change, life decisions, bereavement, the need to rest, recharge and re-energize: there are many reasons why time away from daily life is so important.  The Centre offers a safe haven for your individual needs.

Silent Retreats – A time to find the peace within and deepen your spiritual practice amongst like-minded souls. Structured around meditation and meal times, and held in the Silence to help you get the most from your time.

Personal Retreats – An opportunity to get away to have some space for yourself and deal with those problems in front of you, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and move forward in your life.

Group/Business Retreats The Centre can accommodate up to 10 people with retreats tailored to meet the needs of your group. 

Volunteer -Be a part of the family and share in the spiritual work of the Centre. Accommodation and meals are provided and there is plenty of time during the day for meditation, rest and walks.

Bed and Breakfast – Enjoy the peaceful setting at the Centre complete with delicious breakfast.  Join us for meditation if you wish.

Transformation Hatha Yoga Weekly classes and Yoga Days offered at the Centre in Halfmoon Bay and the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt.  One-to-one classes, Yoga Therapy can also be arranged.  For dates and details, please see our upcoming events page.

Energy Care CourseWorkplace Wellness Programs – offered at your place of work or here at the Centre, these workshops provide scientific and practical techniques designed to bring greater balance and fulfillment to all areas of life.

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