Transformation Hatha Yoga

The Centre teaches Transformation Hatha YogaThe Centre teaches Transformation Hatha Yoga which is for all ages, conditions and abilities. Focus is on body alignment, posture and the breath.  With regular practice Yoga may improive posture, spinal health, felxibility, tone and fitness; manage and releive stress and tension; create more peace and wellbeing in your life; and help develop greater self awareness.
Each class ends with a relaxation to help assimilate the many benefits that the practice of this beautiful yoga brings.

WEEKLY CLASSES  We offer regular group classes with everybody receiving the individual attention they may need. Classes are currently taught at our Halfmoon Bay Centre.

Stage 1: Suitable for all including complete beginners.

Stage 2: More advanced postures for those ready to go deeper with their practice.

YOGA THERAPY Tailored made sessions based on your individual needs to promote healing and balance. Helps with conditions such as depression, arthritis, back problems, immune system disorder and many others.

YOGA DAYS Held over a full or half day, Yoga Days are a wonderful way to connect more deeply to your practice as well as to find a greater sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Participants are welcome to stay onwards to learn Pure Meditation Foundation and/or extend their stay overnight.

PRIVATE YOGA  Private sessions can be taught to individuals, children and families, groups, and businesses.

AQUA YOGA Taught in shallow water, Aqua Yoga is a wonderfully uplifting form of exercise; specifically designed postures and exercises offer the body greater flexibility and ease of movement than is possible on dry land. The water resistance increases the effectiveness of the postures, and allows for gentle strengthening of muscles and joints while flotation encourages a wider range of movement. Aqua yoga is ideal for those with limited mobility of joint problems or anyone looking to add a new dimension to their yoga and health regime. Classes are taught at the Sechelt Aquatic Centre.

For Yoga class schedule please see Upcoming Events.

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