Scheduled Retreats

Whether you are in need of some space to think and reflect or are looking to nurture yourself in a spiritual and peaceful environment, we lovingly welcome you to be our guest.

We offer a number of Scheduled retreats throughout the year:

Christmas and Easter Celebration Retreats – These are truly spiritual ways to celebrate the beauty of these special times. These retreat are held in the silence and provide time for meditation, contemplation, relaxation and connecting to the stillness within. On these retreats there will be a Christmas and Easter message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma.

Silent Retreats – Are held over weekends every few months throughout the year.

The above silent retreats are an intrinsic part of the spiritual path for all meditators. They nourish us spiritually so that we can commune in a deeper way with our Higher Self/ God within and engage more fully in all of life.

New Year Retreat – A wonderful way to welcome in the New Year in a positive light with time for contemplation, rest and relaxation. An opportunity to share Yoga, walks, meals, fireside Spiritual discussion and reflections on the year past and coming.

Summer Gathering – A mid-summer opportunity to share Yoga, walks, meals, and Spiritual discussion . With time for contemplation, rest and relaxation.

Yoga Day Retreats – Held over a full or half day, Yoga Days provide the opportunity for you to connect more deeply to your practice as well as to find a greater sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Participants are welcome to stay and learn Pure Meditation Foundation and/or extend their stay overnight.

Rest and Relaxation Retreats – Take time for yourself to rest, recharge your energy and have time for contemplation.  This retreat offers a Natural Spiritual Healing treatment, participation in a Transformation Hatha Yoga class,  and/or teaching in Pure Meditation Foundation.

Retreat Lounge Area  Meditation Room at the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre  Accommodations: The Fern Room

 About Silent Retreats:

Giving yourself time to enter into the stillness is a wonderful way to help you to recharge your energy as well as to link more deeply to your higher wisdom. These retreats begin after a short introduction on the first morning, where retreatants have the opportunity to meet one another then we go into the silence except for necessities.

What types of things will I do on retreat?

  • Meditate
  • Practice yoga individually
  • Read spiritually uplifting books
  • Enjoy the local scenery – walks from the Centre to the ocean and through forest trails
  • Rest, recuperate and have time for reflection
  • Enjoy with others delicious, fresh simple vegetarian food buffet style – salads, grains, soups and rolls, yogurt, fruit and crackers

What are the benefits of coming on retreat?

  • To recharge your energy and rest
  • To connect more deeply with the spiritual;
  • To access your own inner voice – gain insights and more clarity on life’s decisions, situations; to clear blocks and open yourself up to greater creativity and inspiration.

What is the accommodation like?

We have two comfortable cabins which offer a variety of room configurations:  from shared accommodation to single rooms.  A private room is an additional $15 per night (subject to availability). > view our accomodations

Do I have to follow a religious or spiritual path to come?

No.  People from all paths and all walks of life come on retreat, including Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists and Agnostics.  Love and Peace connect us all so why not come and connect?

For upcoming Silent Retreats please see our Course Program.

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