Holistic Energy Care Course

Holistic engery care course, Sunshine Coast BCTools for Balanced Living:
Be more in charge of your emotional, physical and mental health

Many people deal with stress or burn out by distancing themselves from their family, colleagues or by relinquishing part of their personal lives.  However, to be fulfilled we need to be able to give 100% while at the same time maintaining our boundaries.  This course shows how to enhance our involvement with others, while keeping it progressive, so that all of our contact contributes to our own advancement and healing, as well as that of the people we work or live with.  This leads to greatly improved levels of care, while also helping people to feel much more energetic and fulfilled within their work and home life.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the stresses, demands and concerns of life.  We will be looking at how to work with our energy flow, finding the balance within ourselves, enhance our creativity, centre and ground ourselves.   Practical ways of being in charge of our own energy will be taught throughout the course such as how to be much more in charge of how we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Explanations of the scientific reasoning behind these methods will also be explored.  The exercises taught can all be used very effectively at work or at home.  There will be time for questions and individual work or energy problems to be addressed.

Courses are custom made and can be held from 2 hours, a half or full day at your venue or at the Self Realization Mediation Healing Centre on the Sunshine Coast.

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