Animal Wellbeing

All animals can benefit from Natural Spiritual Healing as it treats the root cause of any problem and not just the symptoms. All conditions can be helped, including physical, mental and behavioral problems.

As pet owners often have an important role to play in the well-being of an animal, the Centre’s Healers are also able to offer helpful guidance that will assist in helping to bring an animal’s energy into greater balance and harmony, thus facilitating real and lasting healing to take place.

All Animal Wellbeing Practitioners at the Centre are fully trained, qualified and members of  the professional, regulatory body SRMHC Associates, which means that they are committed to the very highest standards of care.

 Natural Spiritual Healing for animals   Animal Wellbeing Practitioner - Goat Healing   Animal Wellbeing Practitioner - Horse Healing

The Centre also offers Animal Wellbeing Courses for those who want to learn how to help all animals in a naturally deep and meaningful way.

Appointments for animal healing are offered at the Centre.  Please contact us for further information or to make an appointment.

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